12 Days of Christmas Crochet Patterns started today

Today the 12 day of Christmas Crochet patterns roundup started and today you can get these cute sweater patterns for free. If you like to know how to get them, follow the steps below to get the code for today on the roundup post.

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Or you can get all the 48 patterns in a bundle, including 2 bonus patterns from Fosbas Designs and my Amaris Headband pattern. This Deal is only valid using the link below, by clicking on the bundle image.

What a great way to spend these rainy days, get new Christmas related patterns every day. Every day has another theme, so stay tuned for the rest and come back every day. On day 11 you will be able to get my Royal Cornelia headband for free, but if you buy the bundle now, you will have it already AND get a bonus headband pattern for free.

My Royal Cornelia Headband

If you want to get the Royal Cornelia Headband already, you can get it at my Ravelry and Etsy 50% during the 12 days of Christmas. The couponcode will be shared in my newsletter. You can subscribe to my newsletter here.

Bonus pattern for my Amaris Headband when purchasing the bundle via below link

Crochet Headband Free Pattern – Royal Cornelia Headband

Here you will be able to get the free pattern for my Crochet Headband, the Royal Cornelia Headband soon as a part of Fosbas Design 12 days of Christmas bloghop.

For 12 days, you will be able to find the best Christmas crochet patterns im various categories, often more than one per day. This event is for just 12 days, so be the first to be notified each day, so as not to miss out, subscribe to my newsletter here, to get reminders straight into your email.

To find out how to receive them, go to Fosbas Designs 12 days of Christmas Patterns between 27 October and 7 November 2021.

Go to roundup
Get my Royal Cornelia headband pattern for free

The Royal Cornelia Headband

This headband carries my official first name, Cornelia. I have been named after my grandfather Cornelis and this is a tribute to all grandparents in the world. It is also called Royal, because it feels luxurious but it is also a joke about my last name that translates to ‘ the King’.😉

This is a fun and quick pattern to make, for confident beginners and also nice for more experienced crocheters. It will make a nice gift for the Holidays for women and girls of all ages, or you might want to make it for your selve.

Royal Cornelia Headbandp Crochet Pattern

The Royal Cornelia Headband Pattern is a CROCHET PATTERN in ENGLISH for a warm and soft ridged crochet headband or earwarmer.
This headband has a nice ridged texture on the outside, yet is smooth on the inside.
The special structures make it feel soft and secure on your head. It has some ‘grip’.
Stay warm outside during your winter walk, cheering at sports games, waiting for the train, etc.

There will also be a bundle of all 48 patterns so you will not have to go back every day and you get 2 free bonus patterns that are not available otherwise. You will find the link to the bundle here soon. The bundle will be available between 26th October and November 14th. (The bundles have a 7-day refund period.

Click the image to get the bundle

Why do you want to make the Royal Cornelia Headband?

No worries about your hair with this headband: your bun or ponytail will be popping out of it easily.
And for the people like me, with a shorter hairdo it also works out great!

  • This pattern has recently been UPDATED and the PATTERN in ENGLISH with updated Pictures is now available on Etsy and Ravelry
  • During Fosbas 12 days of Christmas you will be able to get it 50% off on Ravelry and Etsy with coupon CORNELIA50
  • only on 6th of November you can get if for free, with the code to be found on the roundup page.
  • Or buy the bundle with 48 patterns, 2 bonus patterns from Fosbas and
  • if you buy via the Buy Bundle link on my blog, you will also receive my favorite Amaris Headband pattern for free.

The pattern is written in US terms in English and in Dutch and I included step by step pictures.

experienced beginner

It is made from weight #4 yarn and hook 5 mm and works up in about 1.5 hour- 2 hours
There is minimal sewing involved: you only need to weave in ends!

Royal Cornelia Headband in blue

Since this ear warmer/ headband can be made with less than half a skein and just 90 minutes, it works up great as gift or for fairs.
Put on a nice movie, and go!
Materials needed:

  • I used between 30 and 40 grams of Julia yarn from Zeeman, 170m/100 gram
  • Hook needed is 5 mm
  • other materials needed are: scissors, darning needle for weaving in ends, optional stitchmarkers and tape measure to check gauge

Chain, reverse SC, DC.
You need to be able to crochet reverse single crochet and crochet in back loop only (blo) and front loop only)
Knowledge of these stitches and abbreviations is needed.

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Get the free pattern here on Ravelry on 06th of November with the code from the roundup page

I have other headbands patterns too, for example the Amaris Headband

You will receive the pattern for this Amaris Headband as an added BONUS when you buy the bundle for all 48 Christmas Crochet Patterns, as an added bonus on top of the 2 you get from Fosbas Design. But note, it will only be included when you buy the bundle here, by clicking on below picture which says ‘get the bundle here’.

The Amaris Headband was designed for my daughter and it has her middle name. I like to honour my family by using their names for my patterns. This is a narrower headband, more a headband than an earwarmer and it keeps her hair out of her face (makes me happy) and she likes the little stars in it.

This can be whipped up in a jiffy and it will make great stocking stuffer gifts for anyone. Use your scraps and off you go. The pattern explains how to adjust sizes for kids to adults, so you can even make matching sets for mommy and daughter.

Including additional pattern for the Amaris headband and 2 bonus patterns from Fosbas.

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Are you ready for Halloween?

Are you a Halloween fan? Or maybe prepping for some autums decoration? I am not into spooky ghostly decoration, but spiders are multi purpose in this autumn and Halloween season, right? I will explain to you how to crochet this simple amigurumi style spider, which has plenty of possibilities to make it cute, fun or straight up scary.

It is all a matter of color and yarn choice and some final finishing details, that are only limited by your own imagination.

Let me introduce you to my Spider Suzan crochet pattern. It is also available for free download on Ravelry. Click here to get it .

DutchCrochetbyMdK – Marjolein de Koning designs ©️



This spider amigurumi is crocheted in the round, without closing rounds. Level: beginner/ intermediate beginner

o Yarn ( I used a bit of DK acrylic)
o Crochet hook ( I used 3 mm hook)
o Scissors
o Stitch marker
o Darning needle to weave in ends
o Polyfill or other filling of your choice
o Safety eyes or yarn to embroider eyes: (8 mm for DK yarn is big enough, but if you prefer to use Aran or worsted weight yarn, use bigger eyes)
o Optional: felt or yarn to embroider or sew a cross on the spiders back.

I made it with Acrylic DK, but any yarn and hook that will give a stitch not showing the filling, will do.
I usually use a size smaller than the recommended size hook for the yarn, so no filling comes out.
You can always put your filling in a piece of pantyhose, in matching color of the amigurumi, to be sure filling stays in.
I use washable polyfill. You could also use scraps of yarn (in a pantyhose) or wool to stuff the body. Make sure filling does not spill, especially when the toy is given to small children.

Abbreviations and used stitches
Ch: chain
SC: Single crochet SS: Slip stitch
FO: fasten off * ..* repeat part between asteriks rep: repeat
MR: magic ring

A message about safety first:
I use safety eyes, but if you make this for children < 3 years, it is better to embroider the eyes. Although safety eyes are meant to be not removable, you don’t want to let a small child unattended due to possible choking hazard.

Let’s start with the upper part of the body (the backside or shield)
1) Start with a MR and sc 6 in the ring ( or alternatively, chain 4, close with a ss and sc 6 in the ring) (6 sc)
2) 2 sc in every stitch around (12 sc)
3) 1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch, rep around (18 sc)
4) * 2 sc, 2 sc in next stitch*, rep around (24 sc)
5) * 3 sc, 2 sc in next stitch*, rep around (30 sc)
6) * 4 sc, 2 sc in next stitch*, rep around (36 sc)
7) * 5 sc, 2 sc in next stitch*, rep around (42 sc)
8) * 6 sc, 2sc in next stitch*, rep around (48 sc)
9) * 7 sc, 2 sc in next stitch*, rep around (54 sc)
10)Sc in every stich around (54 sc)
11) Rep round 10 (54 sc)
12) Rep round 11 (54 sc)
13) Rep round 12 (54 sc)
14) Rep round 12 (54 sc), join in last stitch of round 13 with a ss, FO and leave a tail at least 4 x the circumference of the round if you are going to crochet top and bottom together.

If you will sew together, 3 times circumference should be enough to sew.
Attach the 8 or 10 mm safety eyes between round 10 and 11, 12 stitches apart. (8 mm for DK yarn is big enough, but if you prefer to use Aran or worsted weight yarn, use bigger eyes)

Or embroider them with a piece of scrap yarn, by making a French knot, or make a V-shape for sleepy eyes. Use your imagination! You can even choose to embroider eye lashes, for a girly spider.

Creepy Spider

Belly part of the spider
Repeat round 1 – 10 from upper part of the body
Join in Last stitch of round 9 , FO and weave in end, or leave a long tail for sewing if you did not do that yet on the first part
Place the belly on the open side of the back of the spider, right side facing out, and sew or slip stitch the two rounds together.
You can either choose to slipstitch 40 stitches, fill the body firmly and then close the rest
Or you can whipstitch the parts together, fill when you still have an opening and then sew together the rest.
FO, weave in ends by stitching trough the filling a few times in different directions, try not to pull too hard to avoids dents in the body, then cut the yarn, and stretch the spider body a bit to let the last end pull into the body.

Leg 1: Attach yarn under the right eye (spiders right eye 😉 ), chain 14, turn and sc 13, ss in next stitch
Ss 4
Leg 2: chain 14, turn and sc 13, ss in next 5 stitches
Leg 3: repeat leg 2
Leg 4: repeat leg 3
Now SS 2 extra for the center back part (do spiders have a tail? I don’t think so, but otherwise here would be the tail 😉 )
Leg 5: repeat instructions from leg 2
Leg 6: repeat leg 5
Leg 7: repeat leg 6
Leg 8: chain 14, turn and sc 13, ss until you reach where your yarn is attached . Join and FO, weave in ends

Optional decorations

Cut a cross from white felt ( or color of your personal choice) and attach this to the back shield (either by hot glue or sewing)
Or: Embroider a cross
Or: attach white yarn in tail part, chain the length of the back an join in front in the middle between the eyes. FO and weave in ends. Then attach yarn on the side of the spider, chain the width of the shield and attach on the other side. FO and weave in ends

Free on Ravelry

Please share your project using #DutchCrochetbyMdKpattern or @DutchCrochetbyMdK on social media. This pattern cannot be shared, copied , changed or sold in any way. Copyright MadebyMdK December 2019/DutchCrochetbyMdK updated Mar 2020

You are welcome to sell your finished products. Please credit me, Marjolein de Koning – DutchCrochetbyMdK as the designer and provide a link to this pattern on Etsy or Ravelry
Contact me via
Email: | | |

Blogging · Crochet · Pattern · Preemie

Preemie Hat Marleen

I am very happy to share my latest pattern for a preemie hat crochet pattern, called after my lovely mother, Marleen.

This pattern will be available for free on Ravelry between 1-8 August 2021, with a coupon that you can find a bit further in this post.

Please go ahead and check the Sunflower Cottage Crochet Facebook group for the Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021 pattern roundup. Every day throughout August a suitable pattern will be shared by a different designer. This can be a hat, bonding square or even blanket.

Click on the image above to go back to the roundup

Click on the image above to go directly to the preemie hat Marleen

Please give the pattern a like, by adding to your favorites as a thank you. I would love to see your projects.

Did you know, I also wrote a set of preemie hat patterns last year for the Preemie crochet challenge? They are still available on Ravelry (click here) and on Etsy (click here). All my patterns are written in US English.

The hat was designed for a preemie with head circumference of 10 inch or 25 cm. This would be for 2-4 lbs or 28-32 weeks, approximately.
My hat was made with a 4 mm hook and a bit of DK weight, or #3 yarn.
I only needed 11 grams, so one skein of Stylecraft would be enough for almost 9 or 10 of these. Great for stashing up for charity crochet!
Off course this is an estimated average and you could adjust the size by going up a hook, or using aran weight, to make it a bit bigger. Or go down in hooksize or use a sports weight to make it a bit smaller.

You can get the pattern for the preemie hat Marleen free, between 1-8 August 2021, with coupon MARLEEN on Ravelry here: please enter the coupon and check that the price changes to free before confirming. After 8 August the ad-free PDF pattern can be bought on Ravelry and Etsy

Preemie hats are my way of sending hugs into the world

Click here to download the pattern, use coupon MARLEEN to get it for free between 1 and 8 August 2021.
Click on the image above to go back to the roundup

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Preemie bonding square ‘ hug square’

Last year I got to know the lovely Helen Wilkinson from Sunflower Cottage Crochet. I was just starting to write some patterns and she was so kind to help me with some technical aspects of pattern writing and blogging. This was topped with a feature of my preemie hat pattern set during her Preemie Month round up.

This year, I will participate again in this lovely roundup, because as a former maternity ward nurse,preemies are so close to my heart.

Photo by Burst on

What also is close to the preemie parents hearts, are bonding squares. These small cloths are worn on the skin of the parent and then placed next to the little one, so that they can smell mom or dad close to them. Usually they are made in pairs, so they can be changed out.

I will give you an example of a nice textured square, that can be made with small bits of cotton and a crochet hook. I would recommend using washable cotton, because of hygienic reasons. Always consult your preeemies nurses or doctors before placing something in their cocoon/bed/incubator off course. Local regulations can apply.

Two white bonding squares with a small flower

Get the ad free pattern for a small fee at ravelry

buy now

Photo by Castorly Stock on

The pattern

  • Materials:
  • Some scrapyarn, cotton preferably, and matching hook
  • In this example I used stylecraft special dk white acrylic, since that was what I had on hand
    Matching hook, I used a 4.5 mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle for weaving in ends
  • Tape measure, finished square to be approximately 15 cm or 6 inch
close up of the bonding square

Preemie Bonding Squares are like portable hugs..

Marjolein de Koning, 2021
Pattern DutchCrochetbyMdK 
Preemie Bonding Square, Hug Square

Chain2 counts as 1st stitch in pattern

1. Chain 25, hdc in 2nd loop from the hook until end

2. Chain 2, turn and hdc in back loop only in next 22 stitches, hdc in both loops in top of turning chains previous row

3. Repeat r 2 until desired length is same as width of yiur square. In my case 15 rows

4. Chain 1 and sc in side of all rows, in corner (sc, ch1,sc) in same stitch, 24 sc in bottom row, corner (sc, ch1, sc)in same stitch, sc in side of rows, corner (sc, ch1, sc) in same stitch, 24 sc in top row, end with chain 1 and ss in 1st stitch.

Now make another square so you can swap them every 12 hours.

Optional 🌸 
I added a flower from some scrapyarn, stylecraft special dk, color Fiesta, hook 2.5 mm

How to make the flower:
Magic ring, ch3 , 2 dc, ss in ring, *3dc, ss in ring*, repeat in between * 3 more times.
Close with ss in top of ch3.
Close magic ring and weave in ends securely.

Leave a tail for sewing,fasten off . Sew the flower with small stitches on the square, making sure to secure it well.

You could make different color flowers for Mom or dad, day or night.
always check if they are still securely fastened before use.

Etsy topseller in sight.

Almost topseller on Etsy, I just need 15 euro before end of the month.

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Included below patterns, stitchmarkers and much more

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Een topseller scoort excellent op klantenservice, communicatie, snelle verzending.

Door dat ik kleine artikelenverkoop tegen lage prijzen is het een unieke kans voor mij om zichtbaar te worden tussen de giganten op Etsy.

Delen = lief!

Shoppen = gaaf!

De 600e bestelling krijgt ook nog een leuke verrassing, net als degene due de 100 review schrijft.

Oa haakpatronen, oorwarmers/ hoofdbanden ( ook op bestelling mogelijk), vintage kado artikelen , handwerk benodigdheden..


Ravelry sale

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Veerle headband 👑
Floortje headband 🧶
Amaris headband ⭐️
Royal Cornelia headband ❄️

Amaris Headband

Bugsout Cup cover 🍷

Barbie dress set including hat and bag 👗

Disco cap: for all the dancing queens and disco girls 🕺 💃

Spider suzan 🕷 : great halloween decoration

Spider Suzan

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Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021

Last year around this time, I got to know the lovely Helen Wilkinson in a Facebookgroup called Sunflower Cottage Crochet. I was following the group for a while, when I first heard about the Preemie Crochet Challenge.

It was a group of crochet designers, dedicating their time, creativity and skills to develop patterns for preemies, from blankets, hats to bonding squares. I felt honoured to be given the opportunity to write my first preemie pattern and gave away over 350 copies during my featured time in the pattern roundup.

This year, I started writing a bonding square pattern, until I discovered another designer had a similar idea. I guess great minds think alike, and we decided to both come up with another design to present to the world. Luckily, I made a freehand preemie hat during my vacation week and I was able to reconstruct the pattern and write it down.

This became the precious Preemie Beanie Marleen, that will be my entry to the Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021, hosted by Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

The aim of this challenge is, to raise awareness for preemies and the possibility to create and donate preemie items to local hospitals, charities or friends/family that might need it. Every download is a pledge to donate at least one item made from the pattern. I received 954 pledges in the form of downloads between 1-8 August. Thank you all so much!

the Preemie Beanie Marleen and the Preemie Bonding Hug Squares together

My Preemie Beanie Marleen hat pattern was available for free between 1-8 August on Ravelry, with the code that was shared in the Preemie Beanie Crochet Challenge site. It is now available in my Etsy shop, too, for those who do not want to use Ravelry.

Please visit the Sunflower Cottage Crochet blog with all the round-up info here:

You can find todays, pattern here too.

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Rewind, relax, making retro potholders

The classic triangle potholder with loop in double stranded cotton
My classic triangle potholder and a square one in waffle stitch or woven stitch

I enjoyed making some quick stash busting cotton potholders in double stranded cotton. I have used regular 150m/50 gram cotton ( drops in white and a petrol turquoise like blue) and a 3.5 mm hook.

The triangle ones work up in half an hour and are ideal last minute gifts, or small projects to take with you on a trip or vacation. I made them for our planned vacation, because I always burn my hands cooking with different pots and pans than I have at home. I like the look and feel and I finally got to use my cute little faux leather tags.

Would you like me to make you a set of these? Please feel free to drop me a message. I have many colors cotton in stock and would be happy to make your favorite combination.

Did you know I send them for free within Netherlands?

Check my Etsy shop for ready made gifts here on

For patterns and supplies you can go to