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Preemie Hat Marleen pattern, coming soon

꧁𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒆 𝒉𝒂𝒕𝒔 ꧂ I love making babyhats. This will be a new pattern for a preemie hat. ☞︎︎︎Size 11.5 cm high, 25 cm circumference ( 4.5 x 10 inch)

Pattern is now being tested by a group of experienced crochet pattern testers. Once it is final, you will be able to find the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy.

It is part of @sunflowercottagecrochet Preemie Crochet Challenge. You can find the information on this Preemie Crochet Challenge right here

Starting 1 August 2021, there will be multiple talented crochet designers, sharing patterns suitable for preemies on their blog or Ravelry sites. They will be free, sometimes for a day or limited time, some always free on the blog of the designer. You can find the coupon and how to find the free patterns in Sunflower Cottage Crochet Roundup Post. My Preemie Hat ‘Marleen’ will be featured on the 1st of August and will be free for a week on Ravelry.

Please remember that by downloading the free copy, you pledge to donate at least one hat you make from the pattern.

Please find the ad-free pattern on Ravelry here and on Etsy here. It will be posted for free on the blog too.

New preemie hat pattern design

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🇳🇱 ꧁ 𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆𝒏 𝒎𝒖𝒕𝒔𝒋𝒆𝒔꧂ 𝑖𝑘 ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑑 𝑣𝑎𝑛 𝑚𝑢𝑡𝑠𝑗𝑒𝑠 ℎ𝑎𝑘𝑒𝑛, 𝑣𝑜𝑜𝑟𝑎𝑙 𝑑𝑖𝑒 𝑠𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑡𝑡𝑖𝑔𝑒 𝑘𝑙𝑒𝑖𝑛𝑒 𝑣𝑜𝑜𝑟 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑚𝑎𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒𝑛 𝑑𝑖𝑡 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑𝑡 𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑛𝑖𝑒𝑢𝑤 𝑝𝑎𝑡𝑟𝑜𝑜𝑛 𝑒𝑛 𝑑𝑒 𝑚𝑢𝑡𝑠𝑗𝑒𝑠 𝑘𝑢𝑛𝑛𝑒𝑛 𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑏𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑙𝑑 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑𝑒𝑛 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑚𝑎𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒𝑛 𝑚𝑎𝑎𝑡: 𝑐𝑎 11.5 𝑐𝑚 ℎ𝑜𝑜𝑔 𝑒𝑛 25𝑐𝑚 𝑜𝑚𝑡𝑟𝑒𝑘 #dutchcreationsbymdk #DutchCrochetbyMdK #preemiehat #crochetgram #preemiebeanie #preemiecrochetchallenge2021 #prematurenmuts #prematurenweek #gehaaktmutsje #babyneeds #bestellenmag